Field permits for each of our practice fields for this year will be posted below (as received).. You should have a copy of the permit(s) with you at each practice and game in case your use of the field is questioned.  If any problems arise, please contact your Commissioner immediately.

Chew Field Permit 2017
Columbus Square Field Permit 2018
FDR_Fields 1, 2, and 3 FDR Park Permit 2018
Lanier Field Permit 2015 - Not available 2017; field is being renovated
Markward (Taney) Field Permit 2018
Palumbo Field Permit 2018
Shot Tower Field Permit 2018 
Starr Garden Field Permit 2018
Trolley Works Field -- no permit needed

Rules and Regulations for All City of Philadelphia Field Permits

If the Rules are silent about a particular topic, Little League rules apply. Please direct questions regarding the rules to your Commissioner.

For ALL divisions:  Safety Guidelines

Major League Baseball Rules 2019

Minor League Baseball Rules 2019

AAA Baseball Rules 2019

Tee Ball Rules 2018


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